«Recommendation widget, placement pages» report

The report contains statistics on the page where the recommendation widget is placed. The report takes into account sessions and users who visited the site page with the widget. They may not have seen the widget or clicked through to recommended articles.

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → Monetization → Recommendation widget → Recommendation widget, placement pages.

  1. Ways to use this report
  2. Conditions for getting the report
  3. Report structure and settings

Ways to use this report

Determine the most popular placement page

You can focus on the Clicks on recommendations in widget and Widget CTR metrics.

Compare the visibility of a recommendation widget in different sections of a site

You can focus on the Widget visibility percentage and Widget CTR metrics. Metrics may be different on different sections of a site depending on the layout. You can identify the sections with the lowest percentage of visibility — try changing the location of the widget.

Conditions for getting the report

To view reports, enable the display of reports and specify the Yandex.Metrica tag in the interface of the Yandex Advertising Network.

By default, access to viewing reports in the «Monetization» group is restricted. You can manage access rights.

Report structure and settings

The report data is grouped by the URL of the site page that hosts the recommendation widget.

The report supports all settings available in Yandex.Metrica.