Category reports

These reports let you collect and compare general statistics on categories.

To view the reports: Content → Categories. To go to a report on a specific category, click the name of the category. Top-level categories are displayed by default, but you can switch between levels.

Note. At the moment, the statistics show two levels of category nesting.

To properly collect and display statistics, content should be marked up according to our recommendations.

What reports can be used for

Find out which categories are effective and which aren't

Analyze the number of pageviews and audience engagement category metrics. If most of the content under the category is poorly read, it might mean that readers aren't interested in it. In this case, you should stop all activity in the category or spend less effort on it. Popular categories with high engagement deserve more attention.

Understand what the audience is interested in

High pageview and engagement metrics help you understand what topics readers are interested in. You can track the dynamics of your audience's interests: what they're interested in now and what they were interested in last month or quarter.

See who reads category content and how

Study category audience data: user gender and age. This helps you understand who mainly reads content in the category. By focusing on them, you can change the way information is presented or the style of text.

Look at page formats to understand which of them are preferred.