Connecting Target Call from a representative's account

A representative can connect the Target Call service if the account owner accepted the service offer.

Representatives can:

  • Connect a special number to a Yandex.Metrica counter.
  • Edit substitution rules.

Payment for the added number will be deducted from the representative's personal account.


Every Yandex.Metrica user can only access their own personal account. Access for representatives does not allow viewing the balance or topping up the personal account of another user.

Guest access does not allow managing Target Call.

To connect a number from a representative's account:

  1. The counter owner (for example, user2) must appoint the user (for example, user1) as a representative.
  2. Then the representative (user1) must perform the following steps:
    1. Pay for the service.
    2. Select the counter owner's username (user2) in the Yandex.Metrica interface.
    3. Go to the Target Call page to connect the service for one of the counters belonging to user2.