How Yandex.Metrica detects the traffic source

Sources of traffic to a site are determined from the referrer (the HTTP Referer header) and tags. If you need to replace the referrer with your own, use the utm_referrer parameter.

Yandex.Metrica uses a tag to detect the traffic source if there is a tag in the data for the first pageview of the user's session. If there isn't a tag in the first pageview, the traffic source is detected from the referrer.

For example, a user clicked through to the site from a browser bookmark (the first pageview). Then the user left the site, but came back within 30 minutes by clicking a link with a tag in an email (the second pageview during the session). This session would be considered direct traffic to the site.

Traffic source How it is detected Report

Direct traffic

Cached page traffic

Internal traffic

Recommendation system traffic


Sources, summary report

Recommendation systems report

Search engine traffic

Link traffic

Traffic from social networks

Referrer and UTM tags

Sites report

Social networks report

Tags report

Yandex.Direct traffic Conditions for linking a tag to a Yandex.Direct campaign

Yandex.Direct, summary report

Yandex.Direct, sites report

Yandex.Direct, costs report

Traffic from other ad systems Referrer and tags. Complete data is collected only if UTM and Openstat tags are used

Advertising systems report

Tags report

Other advertising: identified by tags

UTM tag. The URL must contain the utm_medium parameter with one of the following values: cpc, ppc, paidsearch, cpv, cpa, cpp, display, cpm, banner.

The utm_source parameter can be omitted or can have a value that is not in the list.

Tags report
Messenger traffic
Referrer and UTM tags
  • utm_medium (required) with the value messenger (recommended) or social.
  • utm_source. The tag is used to identify the messenger. For example, utm_source=viber. If there is no tag in the URL, the tag value is omitted, or the value isn't recognized by Yandex.Metrica, then the source will be labeled as Other messenger: identified by tags.

    Full tag list:
    • skype for Skype
    • telegram for Telegram
    • viber for Viber
    • wechat for WeChat
    • whatsapp for WhatsApp

Sources, summary report

Tags report

Messengers report

Mailing traffic



The URL must contain the utm_medium parameter with the value email or e-mail. The utm_source parameter can be omitted or can be set to any value.


The first or last parameter in the URL is email or e-mail.


The URL must contain the from parameter with the value email or e-mail.

More information about tags

Tags report