Segments as a condition for retargeting in Yandex Direct

Segments only include users who meet the conditions specified during its creation. Other data available in Yandex Metrica reports don't affect the selection of users (for example, the date range, added goal, or accuracy).

A segment created in Yandex Metrica is recalculated daily. The user data is always up to date.

Example of creating a segment:

Selecting users who viewed specific site pages (for example, the product catalog in one of the categories), in order to use Yandex Direct to offer these users a product or service related to these pages.

  1. In the for people with condition group, click .
  2. Choose the condition: Behavior → View URL. Enter the URL for the page (for example, Use to segment a report for all pages that include
  3. In Yandex Direct, add a retargeting list.

View an example of a selected segment for a Yandex Metrica demo tag.