Data transfer restrictions

  1. General
  2. Session parameters
  3. E-commerce

The restrictions on the amount of data transferred to Yandex Metrica are there to ensure maximum availability for service tools.


Restriction Note

Number of events (pageviews, completed goals, sending parameters, e-commerce events, and others)

Up to 1000 in a single session

If this limit is exceeded, the current session stops recording. When the next page is opened, recording of a new session starts. The events that form the session are taken into account. These events are not necessarily recorded in the watchID field.

The number of session parameters passed in the data request

Up to 8 KB (8192 characters)

Session duration

Up to 48 hours

Time since the event was passed

Up to 12 hours

Session parameters

Restriction Note

Number of parameters and their values

Up to 512 in a single session

The limit includes total parameters (keys) and values.

Parameter nesting levels

Up to 10

For more information, see Transmitting session parameters.


Restriction Note

Viewing an item, adding or removing an item from the shopping cart, purchasing

Up to 512 in a single session

Viewing an item in the list, clicking an item, viewing a banner, clicking a banner

Up to 400 in a single session

Every viewed item within the “viewing items in the list” event is considered a separate event of viewing an item in the list.

For more information, see Transmitting e-commerce data.