“Target events on Yandex” report

The report helps you get information about what actions Yandex users perform in relation to your company. For example, you can find out about views of your organization's profile in Yandex Maps. This information will help you identify the platforms where your audience is most active and analyze how to attract traffic.

Note. You can use the report even if you don't have a site or don't have a Yandex Metrica tag installed on your site.

Yandex products and services transmit data to Yandex Metrica. For more information about collecting statistics and accessing them, see Statistics on organizations from Yandex Business.

To view the report: Standard reports → Contents → Target events on Yandex.

  1. Ways to use this report
  2. Report structure and settings
  3. Questions and answers

Ways to use this report

Finding out which Yandex products and services bring potential customers.

You can focus on the number of target events, as well as the number of target events per user.

View a report on a single source
You can make a report show data about a single source that you are interested in. For example, you can view statistics on actions that users performed on Yandex Maps. To do this, use segmentation:
  1. In the Sessions in which condition group, select Target events on Yandex → Yandex service.
  2. Select the desired service (for example, Yandex Maps) and click Apply.

Report structure and settings

The report data is grouped by source type and shows the target event. This statistic helps you analyze in detail what target actions are performed by users of services associated with your organization.

Some target events are also considered Yandex Metrica goals. To track goals, additionally use the Conversions report. Goals can be used for retargeting in Yandex Direct and Yandex Audience. They can also help you track the conversion rate of people who saw your banner or video ad by using Yandex Metrica for display advertising.

Goals can be added to most Yandex Metrica reports.

Note. When goals are added to a report, the Conversion metrics indicators may differ from the data in the “Conversions” report.

Platforms and events they transmit information about are listed in Tracked events and goals.

Questions and answers

Can I delete an auto-generated tag from the list?

If you delete a tag from the list, you will lose access to the statistics it collected. To restore access, you will need to contact support. This is why we do not recommend deleting a tag.

Can I install an auto-generated tag on my site?

We do not recommend placing these tags on a site, since you will not have access to edit it. This means statistics will be collected incorrectly.

Why does a tag have a red status?

For these tags, the status isn't relevant. It has to do with the specifics of installing tags on Yandex services. You can ignore the tag status.

Can I change the name of a tag?

No. Tag names are generated automatically.

What is the “Clicked Call” goal in the tag settings?

With this goal, Yandex Metrica tracks clicks on the phone number in the organization's card, as well as taps on the icon in the mobile version of all services that transmit data to the organization's tag.

How do I correct goals in the tag settings?

You can't change the goals of an auto-generated tag.