About Yandex.Toloka

Yandex.Toloka is a service that provides tasks on content analysis and evaluation. You can complete a task and get money for it. The resulting data is collected and used to improve the search quality, to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

The tasks are posted by requesters.They can contain various questions, such as: Which document matches the search query better? To answer the questions correctly, you need to read the instructions. Some tasks come with hints. They help you check if you understand the task correctly.

The answers have to be given manually (without using scripts, robots, etc.). Otherwise your account in Toloka will be blocked.

Completed tasks are checked. The results are used to evaluate your skill level.

The prices are set by requestors. There are various ways you can withdraw money.

You can discuss any questions with Toloka requestors and users on the forum.