Information services and alerts

Yandex Elements offers users instant access to the full range of Yandex services and VKontakte.

Speed Dial Extensions

Once Yandex Elements has been installed using the Speed Dial, you can find out about new messages in Yandex.Mail, as well as the current weather and road conditions in your city.


Click on the Yandex.Bar button in the browser panel to see a pop-up window containing Yandex and VKontakte tabs. Use the Yandex tabs to find out about new messages and events in Yandex services, as well as the weather forecast and traffic conditions in your city. The VKontakte tab lets you read new wall posts, comment and update your status.

By default, the Yandex.Bar button displays the amount of unread mail in Yandex.Mail. You can change this to display Yandex.Traffic, Yandex.Weather or other information.