Web+App scenario

If you not only run a website, but also a mobile app where your users can convert (buy, order, schedule an appointment, and so on), you can increase the conversion rate of your ads using Web+App scenario campaigns.

Web+App is an additional configuration for your current campaigns that combines your desktop or mobile websites and your app into a single campaign. Thanks to this:

Your campaign is optimized for both onsite and in-app events

Additional signals about in-app conversions help your strategy algorithms to learn more efficiently and increase coverage faster, as well as reduce the average CPA.

Links added to your ads lead the user to a device-specific platform

App users demonstrate higher engagement and view more products. Boost your ad CTR, taking the user who runs your app to your in-app product page.

Increase your app installs by taking users who don't have your app on their device to the app store.

Make your in-app audience available for retargeting

Expand your retargeting audience by your app users. Customize your audience segments: you can create campaigns targeted only at app users. You can also combine audiences from your site and from the app in one campaign.

The Web+App setting is available for Unified performance campaigns, Text & Image ads, dynamic ads, and smart banners.

How to configure

For your campaigns to follow the Web+App scenario, Yandex Direct has to get data about your in-app events:

  1. Add your app to Yandex Direct.
    1. Enter the link to the app in the AppStore or Google Play.
    2. Set up your in-app goals.
    3. Grant access to the goals to all the accounts where you will run the Web+App campaign.
  2. Go to your app's MMP and set it up to work with Yandex Direct:

    1. Make sure that the MMP collects events you want to optimize your campaigns for or make retargeting for.
    2. Set up event delivery from the app.
  3. Instead of links to your site, you need to use universal links or tracking links in the ads. Generate the links.

    Universal and tracking links will help to implement relevant user paths once they click your ad, depending on their device:

    • When they click your ad on a desktop, the user goes to the desktop version of your site.

    • When they click your ad on a mobile device, you can direct the user to the mobile version of your site or the app store (if they haven't installed your app), or to the app (if it's already installed on their device).

  4. Once you have completed the prerequisite steps, set up your campaign.

Have questions?

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