Keyword selection

The Keywords statistics service helps you gather information about the search terms used by Yandex users. To learn more about the service, see Help.

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions relating to the service.

  1. How to get rid of a CAPTCHA
  2. The system prompts me to enter my username and password
  3. Which operators does the service support?

How to get rid of a CAPTCHA

When working with Wordstat, a CAPTCHA (which is a image and a field next to it where you enter the characters from the image) can appear if you are accessing the service too frequently, or are located outside Turkey, or if your browser cannot save the required cookie file. Yandex does not have the technical means to manually remove the CAPTCHA.

Please check that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your browser. Make sure that the required cookie file has been downloaded to your browser. To do this, click on and in Technical information → Your browser cookies try to find fuid01. If fuid01 isn't there, then that means cookies are blocked. Your cookies might be blocked by a firewall or browser extension that limits the display of page content (for example, AdBlock). Try to find and disable these blockers.

If you are sure that everything is configured correctly and the CAPTCHA is still appearing, then reduce the amount of times you access the service. As a result, the CAPTCHA will disappear automatically.

The system prompts me to enter my username and password

The keyword statistics service is available only for authorized users. Enter your username and password to continue working.

Which operators does the service support?

When using the keyword statistics service, you can use negative keywords as well as all additional operators. Operators work on the By keyword and By region tabs. On the Query history tab, only the + operator works.