Technologies and services

Yandex.Direct serves ads to millions of users. Therefore, Yandex has developed its own technologies and constantly works on improving them.


While a user loads a page containing ads, Yandex.Direct selects an ad to display. This happens in real time with the help of auctions.

Behavioral targeting

In the Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges, ads may be served through a process called behavioral targeting, which is when the served ads are tailored to the interest of users. By analyzing a user's behavior on the internet, Yandex will select the most relevant promotional offer for them.

Fraudulent click protection
Yandex uses a multilevel fraud protection system. This includes automatic and manual filtration methods. Thanks to this, you will only pay for clicks from real users.
Crypta is a technology that helps to identify important user characteristics for advertisers, such as their age, income and interests, and what area of a city they live in.
In Yandex.Direct you can use data from other Yandex services.

The success of your advertising campaign is determined not just by the ads. A user can see your offer and visit your site, but they might not buy anything or place an order. Use Yandex.Metrica to find out what users do on your site after they click through to it.

By linking Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Metrica, you can optimize your ads with an automatic strategy: Optimize conversions or Optimize ROI.

Yandex.Metrica goals and segments can be used to serve ads via retargeting lists.


You can use a Yandex.Audience segment to serve ads only to those who are in in that segment. A segment can be made from your own data, Yandex data or data from external data providers (DMP).