You can optimize the number of clicks for “Media-contextual banner” campaigns.

Media-contextual banners are currently undergoing beta testing. There are restrictions on creating media-contextual banners. To participate in beta testing, contact a Yandex manager or use an ad agency.

This strategy will help you maximize the number of clicks you receive per week, while maintaining a preset average CPC. This strategy is particularly useful if you know how much you are willing to pay per customer. This strategy is most effective for campaigns that receive more than 100 clicks per week.

The average CPC is your weekly budget expenditure divided by your weekly number of clicks, i.e., the average cost you pay when a visitor clicks on a banner.


Once your campaign launches, the system will automatically set bids to maximize your number of visitors.

Strategy settings


We recommend carefully analyzing your campaign dynamics so that you set a sufficient value for your average CPC. If the value you set is too low, the system will not be able to raise bids when certain key impression criteria are met, and you will get significantly fewer clicks as a result.

The average CPC can be adjusted during the day.

The minimum average CPC is 0.1 TL.

Weekly budget

You can limit the weekly budget when necessary. The minimum weekly budget is 17 TL.

Maximum CPC
You can limit the maximum CPC when necessary.