Setting up strategy budget

Set budget limits for Maximum conversions and Maximum clicks strategies: weekly or for a period. For long-term ad campaigns without a specific end date, we recommend setting a weekly budget. If you need to control costs for flight campaigns, use a budget for a period.

In the Maximum number of clicks with manual bids strategy, you can only limit the daily budget.

Like the weekly budget, you can set the budget for a period in both standard and portfolio strategies.

How it works

The strategy tries to maintain the given weekly budget, distributing it across the calendar week from Monday to Sunday. The budget may be spent unevenly throughout the week, but the weekly limit won't be exceeded. The campaign won't exceed the weekly budget unless there's a budget reset.

Budget distribution depends on your time targeting settings. For example, if you limit ad impressions to two days a week, your budget will only be distributed over those two days.

The budget can be underspent, which is usually a sign of a low CTR of the selected keywords, insufficient funds in the account, low maximum bid, or low CPA chosen.

Maximum daily expenditure

Maximum possible daily expenditure of the budget in a pay-per-click strategy:

  • If the schedule is for 1 day: up to 100% of the weekly budget.

  • If the schedule is for 2 days: up to 50% of the weekly budget.

  • If the schedule is for 3 days or more, or if there are no limits, then it's up to 35% of the weekly budget.

The maximum possible daily budget expenditure in a pay-per-conversion strategy is up to 100% of the weekly budget. Payment for a conversion can be charged retroactively if the conversion occurred within 21 days of the ad click it was attributed to.

Budget limits and recommendations

The minimum weekly budget is TL 17.

For the "Maximum conversions" strategy, we recommend that the weekly budget be at least 10 ×  CPA .

Weekly budget reset

Campaign expenditures are reset when you:

  • Change the weekly budget.
  • Change the strategy or limit type.
  • Enable or disable pay-per-conversion payment method.
  • Change the average CPC.
  • Re-launch a campaign after it was stopped, including by topping up an account that has zero balance, if the stoppage lasted longer than four hours.
  • Postpone a campaign's start date, including when a finished campaign's end date is postponed to a later date, causing this campaign to launch again.

When you update the CPA, expenditures aren't reset.

How does reset affect the budget expenditure

If you change the weekly budget:

  • In pay-per-click strategies, the maximum expenditure on this day can be 35% of the old budget + 35% of the new one.

  • In pay-per-conversion strategies, 100% of the old + 100% of the new budget can be spent if all conversions are received in one day.

Let's say your campaign has a weekly budget of ₽7000. You spent ₽4000 from Monday to Thursday, on which you decided to change the budget to ₽5000. This resets budget expenditure, meaning the campaign can now spend up to ₽5000 more from Thursday to Sunday. If it's a pay-per-click campaign, on Thursday, you can spend up to 35% of the old + 35% of the new budget. And if it's a pay-per-conversion campaign, you can spend up to 100% of the old + 100% of the new budget.

The same applies to other actions that reset budget expenditures.

Setting the minimum budget

In the "Maximum conversions" pay-per-click strategy with a limit on CPA or cost revenue ratio, you can set a minimum budget. The algorithm will calculate a recommended value based on the settings you provided. Alternatively, you can set a custom value.

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