Monitoring changes in ad position

Over the course of the campaign, the position in which an ad is displayed may vary depending on the number of competitors for a keyword and the value of their bids.

If you click the Monitoring changes in ad position link on the My campaigns page, you can see all the phrases that have caused the ad to change its position - even if it's just in one of the geotargeted regions. On the basis of this report you can quickly edit the bid for this phrase in the campaign.

Information on changes in ad position is updated every hour. Changes that occurred over seven days ago will not be shown in the report.

The ad position can be tracked not just by monitoring positions by phrases. You can also enable the “Get notifications about position changes” option in the user settings. By selecting this option you will receive an email notification every time the position of one of your ads changes.

  • If you receive an email notification about a change in ad position, but the “Monitoring changes in ad position” report does not reflect this change, it means that your ad has returned back to its original position and the information in the report has been updated, so the phrase will automatically be included in the “Verified” section.

  • If the positions of keywords were changed due to the hourly price adjustment and bid adjustment via the Yandex.Direct API, they are not taken into account by the monitoring system. In this case, notifications about the change in the position are not sent.