Standard reports

Standard reports do not require complex configuration. They are pre-configured to include the most popular cross-sections and statistics from the Report wizard. Data in reports is shown as tables or charts.

Reports using pre-configured cross-sections and statistics

To prepare a report, click the View statistics link on the campaign page. Open the tab with the desired indicator and specify the period. If necessary, configure additional settings. You can view the report on the same page or download it as an XLS file.

General statistics

This report contains data for the entire period of the campaign, shown separately for each keyword. Active keywords are separated from deleted ones.

Keywords by day

The report displays statistics for each keyword broken down by day.

By region

You can use this report to identify the regions that have shown the greatest interest in your ads.

By site type

Statistics by impressions and ad clicks on search sites and ad network sites.


When calculating the recommended bids, only impressions and clicks in the Yandex search results are taken into account. In other words, the CTR on networks and on search partner sites does not affect the recommended bid.

Statistical data in these reports is updated every few hours. The time of the last update is indicated below the report. Data is available for the last 3 years from the current month.


If you stop or activate a campaign, it usually takes about 40 minutes for the report to reflect this status change, and can take up to three hours if there is a high traffic load. Data may not appear in the report immediately and may change after the campaign is stopped.

If the ad campaign is connected to Yandex Metrica, the report also displays the page depth, conversions, conversion rate (%), and goal cost.

General campaign report in PDF format

The general report is a printable document containing tables and graphs with statistical data and explanations. The document also contains a glossary of terms. You can create this report for one or several campaigns.

To create a report, go to Request statistical reports in the campaign settings or on the My campaigns page. Select the campaigns for which you need a report and specify the reporting period and how the data should be grouped (by days, weeks, months or years). Click Request report.

The time required to generate a report depends on the amount of statistical data and varies from 5 minutes to an hour. No more than 5 such reports can be generated simultaneously.

In the Annual reports section, you can view information about the list of reports being generated and their degree of readiness.

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