Step 4. Plan your ad campaign budget

Now you can calculate the approximate budget for your ad campaign.

The total ad campaign expenses depend on the following factors:

  • The frequency of queries containing the keywords you selected. These details are displayed in the left column of the keyword selection form (“Select Keywords ” link on the compose new ad page).

  • The actual CTR of the ad containing the selected keywords. This depends on the precision of the selected keywords and the text you composed for them. The higher the CTR of a particular query, the less CPC you incur.

  • the number of competitors who actively place ads containing the keywords you selected.

To forecast your ad campaign costs, you may use the Budget Forecast function or place an order at the minimum amount of (50 TL excluding VAT) and see the results. Placing such a trial order will enable you to forecast your weekly or monthly expenses with a great deal of precision.