Step 6. Pay for your order

The ad campaign can be paid after moderation. Wait until the moderator approves your ads.

The minimum order amount in Yandex.Direct is 50 TL excluding VAT.

Payment methods

Yandex.Direct offers you different payment methods so you can choose the most convenient one for you.

Legal entities can choose from the following payment methods:

  • bank transfer;
  • using a bank card issued to the legal entity.

Individuals can choose from the following payment methods:

  • a bank transfer made using a cash deposit account maintained with any bank branch that accepts payments from individuals;
  • bank card issued to an individual.

Whenever an ad campaign is paid by bank transfer, ad impressions start only after Yandex receives payment confirmation. If payment is made by bank card, the money is credited to the account within 15 minutes.

Payment instructions

To credit money to an account, a new payment invoice has to be issued every time.

  1. Please go to the My campaigns (Kampanyalarım) page and enter the payment amount in the Credit money to my account (Para ekle, TL) field. Click the Pay(Türk Lirası olarak öde) button.

  2. Choose a convenient payment method, fill in the payer's details and click Select(Seç).

  3. Once you have read and agreed with the offer, click Issue invoice (Faturalandır).

  4. Then, depending on the selected payment method, you will see one of the following:

    • Invoice for bank transfers: you can print it out, download it as a Word document, or email it.
    • Invoice for payment via bank card. To start entering your bank card details, click Pay (Öde).
Attention. If you are paying by bank transfer, make sure the invoice amount, account number (Fatura numarası), and payer's details are the same as the details specified in the invoice. The invoice number (Fatura numarası) in the following format: “TR-….-1” is a unique number that must be specified in the purpose of payment.