Tracking systems

You can use a tracking system to get data about new installations from the app store. This system compares new installations with click-throughs from ads and sends this data to Yandex.Direct to calculate the conversion rate. Yandex.Direct supports the following tracking systems: AppMetrica, TUNE Marketing Console (previously MobileAppTracking), AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, and Flurry.

You can pass various parameters and tags (including UTM tags) in the links.{logid}&source={source}

These allow you to monitor various statistics, such as traffic sources: Learn more about using parameters and tags.

The tabs below describe how to set up tracking links using the tracking systems supported by Yandex.Direct.

To get a tracking link, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Trackers tab and click +Create tracker.

  2. Choose the app in the Apps drop-down list. The SDK should already be written into the app code. More information on how to add an SDK.

  3. Choose Yandex.Direct in the Partners drop-down list.

  4. Insert the tracking link you received into the ad.

Correct URL format:{logid}

The link must include the click_id={LOGID} parameter.

See the Create tracker section in the AppMetrica documentation for more information.