Impression statistics

Track your impression and installation statistics to determine how effective your mobile app ads and strategy settings are.

The Yandex.Direct reports contain detailed information about various ad indicators: impressions, clicks, CTR, expenses, etc.

For example, you can compare how frequently ads are served to users who use the mobile internet or Wi-Fi. Just go to the Report Wizard and select Connection type under Cross sections. Under Columns, select Impressions, Clicks, and CTR.

Please note that the system began collecting statistics for Connection type on October 16, 2015, and for Operating system type on September 15, 2015. Read more information about campaign statistics.

You can use a tracking system to get data about new installations from the app store. This system compares new installations with click-throughs from ads and sends this data to Yandex.Direct to calculate the conversion rate. More information on how to enable a tracking system.