Setting impression criteria

Mobile app ads are served on search and the Yandex Advertising Network, as well as on mobile devices that are compatible with your app.


You can add keywords and your ads will be served in search results when a user enters a search term that contains one of the keywords you set in its entirety. For example, if you set the keyword tours to outerspace for an ad group, your ads will be triggered by search queries like tours to outerspace or discount tours to outerspace, but they will not be triggered by searches for tours or outerspace.

Yandex Advertising Network

Ads in the Yandex Advertising Network may be served based on autotargeting. Based on your ad text and landing page, Yandex.Direct will automatically manage your ad impressions.

You can serve ads for mobile apps in the YAN to users with certain mobile app interests. For example, you can advertise a running app to people who are already interested in “Sport” apps.

Additionally, ads may display in the YAN based on keywords or retargeting lists.

Yandex.Direct can also serve ads based on geo targeting, or time targeting.