Installations from alternative app stores

For Huawei and Xiaomi users, you can set up the transition to an alternative app store (AppGallery or GetApps). This increases the conversion rate on these devices because users can download apps faster.

By default, integration with all available app stores are enabled for all of the campaigns served in ad networks. You don't need to create new campaigns for integration purposes. You can manage integration only in the updated interface in the Alternative app stores section. Integration also works in the expert mode.

How to configure

  1. Upload the app to GetApps and AppGallery with the same Bundle ID as in Google Play.

    Learn more about GetApps in the video instructions.

  2. When creating an ad campaign, specify the link to the app page. Use a direct tracking link. The integration doesn't support universal links, even with deeplink tracking enabled.

    You can also edit an active campaign.

  3. In ad placements, select Yandex Advertising Network.

  4. Check the Alternative app stores section. Clicks to all the available app stores are enabled. Change the setting if needed.

If you keep the setting, then when the user clicks an ad link, they are taken to an alternative store. After that, the app starts installing (in some stores, this is done automatically). If the setting is disabled, the user is redirected to Google Play.

Learn more about setting up GetApps.

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