Adding an app to the Yandex.Direct list

To advertise a mobile app, add it to the list of Yandex.Direct apps. To do this, in the side menu click Library and choose Mobile apps. Click Add app.

Enter the link to the app in the AppStore or Google Play. Yandex.Direct will upload the icon, price, rating, number of ratings and app specifications from the store.

Please note that the system retrieves information for the country indicated in your link to the app store. By default, data is uploaded for Russia. Use special link parameters so that your ad leads to the app store of a particular country.

The country is specified in the part of the link that follows

You can use a mobile app attribution platform to track how the app is running. The platform gets data about new installations from the app store, correlates the installations with ad click-throughs, and sends this data to Yandex.Direct in order to calculate conversions. The platform SDK for getting statistics should be written into the code of the mobile app code.

  1. Select the platform the app works with: AppMetrica, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Flurry or another one.
  2. Enter the tracking ID from the selected platform.

    • AppMetrica — the tracking ID parameter (for example 987655544433222111). For more information, see Tracking URL parameters in the AppMetrica documentation.

    • Adjust — the Tracker ID parameter (for example, a1bc42). For more information, see the Adjust Help.

    • AppsFlyer — theapp_id parameter (for example, id54321234). For more information, see the AppsFlyer Help.

    • Flurry — the Campaign URL parameter (for example, t0MOILM-olslPmrs8TL3oT_EgB8HKm85MyY). For more information, see the Flurry Help.

As a result, a tracking link will be generated for the app that contains all the necessary parameters for it to work in Yandex.Direct and in the mobile app attribution platform. You can add additional parameters to the link; they are available under Tracking link.

If you work with a different platform, go to Tracking system, choose “Other” and enter the tracking link generated by your platform.