Questions and answers

What is brand awareness advertising?

The goal of brand awareness ads is to familiarize consumers with the image you want for your brand. You can use ads to tell a wide range of users about a new product or service, introduce a brand, or improve brand recall.

Yandex Direct offers the following campaign types for improving brand awareness:
Cost of brand awareness advertising

The cost of displaying brand awareness ads in Yandex Direct varies depending on the results of bidding among advertisers. It is a "Second Price Plus" auction: the winner pays the nearest competitor's bid + the bid increment.

You can choose your own bid per thousand impressions and campaign budget. Learn more

For a display banner placed on a new Yandex Browser tab, price thresholds apply depending on the display region.

Where ads are displayed
Display banners

Display banners are placed on Yandex services and Yandex Advertising Network sites that are strictly moderated to screen out any adverse environment. Impressions on different screens (like smartphones, tablets, computers, and Smart TVs) help you amplify the impact on the target audience and improve your reach.

Learn more about the Yandex Advertising Network

Video ads

A video ad can be embedded into instream web, a website page, or a mobile app.

Display banner on a new Yandex Browser tab
There is a separate type of campaign designed for placing banners on a new Yandex Browser tab. There is only one banner on this page. This is an exclusive product for our advertisers.
Is it worth creating separate campaigns for display banners and video ads, or is it better to add different types of ad groups to the same campaign?

We recommend creating separate campaigns for different marketing activities with their own goals, advertising messages and budgets. If you are planning the same activity in different media and the total budget can be reallocated to the most profitable advertising medium, then it is optimal to create a single campaign.

In a single campaign, you can set bid adjustments for different types of inventory.

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Can I continue communicating people who already watched my display ads?

You can accumulate segments of users who have seen your ads in order to build further communication scenarios, like targeting contextual ads or adjusting bids for that segment.

To accumulate a segment of users who have seen your display banner, create a pixel in Yandex Audience and specify it in your ad settings. To accumulate a segment of users who have watched your video ad, configure the ad group settings to specify how much of the video a user should watch to be included in the segment.

How display banners differ from image ads

Display campaigns target the top part of the marketing funnel, like improving brand awareness and driving demand. Display campaign settings allow you to reach a broad lead audience: target impressions at a user profile, or use coverage strategies such as Maximize impressions for lowest price or Lower cost for repeat impressions. For a segment of users who have watched a display banner, you can build different scenarios for further interaction.

How frequency capping is applied to a display campaign

You can limit the number of times your ad will be served to a given user over the course of your ad campaign or over a particular number of days (not more than 30).

This limitation applies to banners and videos on a cross-device basis. It ensures that the number of impressions per individual does not exceed the maximum.

Learn more about frequency capping

Why is my frequency cap not met?

Make sure to review impression statistics over the period specified in the campaign settings. For example, if the frequency cap is 3 times in 7 days, you have to review 7-day statistics.

The statistics may display a slight increase in the limit due to the algorithm that determines what users are on different devices.

If you limit impressions for the entire period that your campaign is running, the limit may be exceeded if ads are served for longer than a month.

Is there any protection against fraudulent impressions?

Yandex takes ad placement security very seriously and applies multi-stage filters to eliminate fraudulent and erroneous impressions and clicks. Impressions that Yandex Direct identified as invalid are not included into statistical reports, and advertisers are not charged for them.

Learn more about fraud protection.

I don't have time to figure out all these details, is there anyone that can help me?

If you place ads in Yandex Direct by yourself, feel free to get assistance from our Customer Service Department at any time. We will answer your questions and give you recommendations on further placement.

You can also contact our partners. Yandex cooperates with numerous around the world.