How to launch a campaign

Step 1. Go to the campaign creation page and set parameters

In the Create campaign drop-down menu, select Display campaigns.

Enter the campaign name. If you want to serve ads at a specific time, configure time targeting.

Set the campaign start and end dates. Choose the Maximize impressions for lowest price strategy: it allows you to get the maximum number of served impressions over a certain period within the fixed budget. Set the average price per 1000 OTS (ad impressions).

Step 2. Select ad type

Select indoor advertising as the ad type.

All the ads in an ad group must be the same type, although a campaign can include all types of ads. You cannot change the ad type after you have saved the ad group.

Note. Limit frequency of impressions applies to groups of banners and videos, but is ignored in indoor advertising.
Step 3. Add a creative

On the ad groups page, click Add → Upload creatives. As a creative, download a video from your computer. It must meet:

To get the maximum reach, add several creatives to the ad group for placement on different types of horizontal and vertical screens.

Step 4. Select screens

Click Advertising surfaces → Edit. Use the filters for cities, categories of premises, and areas of screen location. For example, you can select only those screens that are located next to checkouts in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Select the advertising surfaces in the list or click them on the map to quickly go to the objects in the list. You can select surfaces in multiple cities at once. The selected advertising surfaces are marked green on the map.

Look at the forecast to evaluate the number of OTS and unique viewers of your advertising per week. The forecast is instantly recalculated when you select the screens.

Step 5. Define your ad audience

Enter the gender and age of users you want to serve your ads to. You can use bid adjustments to do this. They raise the probability of serving ads to the target audience without spending the budget on people not interested in your products and services.

Create a display campaign

Ad moderation and launching a campaign

Click Send to moderation and confirm that you accept Yandex's terms for publishing your ad.

Moderators will check whether the ad follows the guidelines. On business days, moderation normally takes a few hours, while on weekends and holidays it may take longer. Moderators don't work at night.

Once your ads are checked, you will receive a notification at the email address you provided when you created the ad campaign. The campaign status in the list will change to “accepted by moderator”.

Ad serving will begin as soon as Yandex receives your payment.