Indoor advertising

Indoor advertising is a quick and simple way to reach an offline audience at shopping malls and business centers, supermarkets, beauty salons, pharmacies, universities, and more. You can use it to:
  • Tell about the products and services offered at the points of sale, e.g., present vitamins and medicines in pharmacies or dairy products in supermarkets.
  • Bring customers to your points of sale by placing ads in busy areas near your business.
  • Increase brand awareness and interest.

Indoor advertising uses the auction model: the cost is determined through bidding between advertisers. Pricing is based on 1000 OTS (Opportunity To See), which represents people's exposure to advertising messages, or “impressions”. Indoor advertising is usually seen by several users at the same time, so a single ad display (i.e., a served impression) results in multiple OTS.

Benefits of advertising in Yandex.Direct

Configuring ads based on audience characteristics

Most ad screens have a camera, and Yandex technology can use camera images to detect the gender and age of an individual with great accuracy. Using bid adjustments you can prioritize ad serving to users with certain characteristics. Yandex.Direct processes information about people in front of the camera and selects the most relevant ads for display.

The statistics allow you to assess ad coverage by gender and age.

One-stop advertising platform and extensive screen fleet

You don't have to negotiate with indoor ad operators — just select advertising surfaces in the Yandex.Direct interface. More than 3,500 screens are available in different cities of Russia.

Affordable entry threshold and control of ad placement

The minimum budget for outdoor advertising, as for other types of display advertising in Yandex.Direct, is 17 TL excluding VAT. You can flexibly manage your campaign based on placement statistics.