Banner in Yandex.Metro and Yandex.Navigator

Location-based ads in Yandex.Direct help you attract potential customers to your facilities or points of sale and tell them about your services. You can place a banner on Yandex.Metro, on Yandex.Navigator, or on both platforms.

A horizontal banner is displayed under the map in the Yandex.Metro app (iOS and Android). It can be seen by users in the locations you selected in cities where the app works. Clicking on the banner opens a Turbo page with your offer description. Payment is per 1000 impressions.

  • In Moscow alone, more than a million users daily plan their travel routes using Yandex.Metro. App ads will help you attract these users to your facilities.
  • You can target your ads at small locations, such as metro stations, streets, and even specific addresses, including cafes, shops, and training centers.
  • You can specify the frequency of user visits to the selected locations: a user should live or work at the target location, visit it from time to time, or be there when the ad is displayed.