Refunds to Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Display clients

You may request a refund of the money you deposited for Yandex.Direct ads. A separate refund is made for each of the paid invoices. The refund procedure details depend on the invoice payment method.

Note. For the complete list of your invoices, go to the Payments and Documents page in the Yandex.Direct interface.
  1. Send us a request for a refund. Please specify the reason why you are asking for a refund and the numbers of all the invoices for which you are claiming a refund.

    Your ad campaigns will be discontinued. The funds will be debited from the ad campaign accounts and prepared for refund.

    We will send you a reply message specifying the exact refund amount and attach the template of the Refund Claim appropriate for your case.

  2. Please prepare a letter based on this template:

    • Acting as an individual on your own behalf, all you have to do is to fill out the template, print it out and sign.

    • Acting on behalf of a legal entity, you have to fill out the template, get it signed by the CEO and Chief Accountant, and have it stamped with the company's seal.

  3. Send us a scan or photo of the letter.

    We will check whether it is filled out correctly.

  4. Once you receive confirmation of a successful check, please send the original documents to Yandex LLC by courier delivery service or mail.

  5. After receiving the letter, we will launch the refund procedure. A refund usually takes up to 20 business days.