Keyword planner

The keyword planner helps you expand the set of keywords and negative keywords for your ad group by using Yandex search query statistics from the service.

For the Display banners campaign you can only expand the set of keywords for the ad group.

To proceed to selecting keywords, click Add → Keywords, select the campaign and ad group, and click Add.

Step 1. Add base queries

Select a base query generation method.

Keyword Generator lets you create a list of base queries using the words you would like to display your ads for.

Expand the Keyword Generator section by clicking on the right and specify the source words, one word per line. We recommend grouping words together (for example, make one group for product names, another group for actions or “selling” words, and another for models or brands).

You can create up to 7 groups and generate base queries up to 7-words long. Use * to skip a group: this way you can combine keywords without words from this group and increase the number of keywords generated.

Note. Operators and spaces are ignored when creating combinations.

Click Combine keywords. All the resulting base queries will be added to the Keywords column. Exclude keywords with an impression forecast of zero.

Step 2. Check your base queries
Verify your base queries in the Keywords column.
  • Check nested queries for each keyword by clicking .

    Each query shows the predicted number of monthly impressions in the region set for the ad group. The system forecast is based on data from the 30-day period. The system only counts data on Yandex search and does not include data from Yandex Advertising Network search sites.

  • Add irrelevant words from the nested queries as negative keywords. Click the irrelevant word and then Add to negative keywords.

    Nested queries containing negative keywords are immediately removed from the list of base queries.

    Note. Negative keywords are not available for the Display banners campaign.
  • Select a keyword or query and use the pop-up buttons on the right:
    • — To move the keyword or query to the list of keywords to be added to the ad group.
    • — To move the query to negative keywords.
    • — To delete a query from the list (along with nested queries).

    If you only want to add a base query to your keywords, without the nested queries, collapse the queries, select the keyword, and click next to it.

To move both the base query and nested query to the keyword list, click to expand the queries containing the keyword. Select the keyword: nested queries are selected automatically. Click next to the keyword or Action → Add to keywords.

To delete the lists of keywords or negative keywords, click  → Clear the list.

Step 3. Add keywords and negative keywords to your ad group

In the Keywords column, verify your newly added keywords. To refine them, click . Select the negative keywords in the list. Add operators in the keyword edit row.

Also check the list of negative keywords. To refine a negative keyword, click .

If you select keywords for the Display banners ad groups, set the maximum bid for new and edited impression criteria.

Click Add to ad group.

The selected keywords and negative keywords will be added to the existing keywords and negative keywords of the ad group.

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