Analytics for mobile app ads that use tracking systems

To evaluate the effectiveness of ads for mobile apps and to set up strategies (Average cost to install app and Maximum number of app installs), it is essential to understand which clicks on the ad resulted in app installs. The app store does not send information on new installs to Yandex.Direct. You can obtain this information through tracking systems.

Tracking systems generate tracking links, which the advertiser should add to the Tracking link field when creating or editing ads. After clicking an ad, the user is redirected to the app store, and this is registered by the tracking system.

After installing and launching the app, information about new installations is sent to the tracking system. The tracking system compares new installations with click-throughs from ads and sends this data to Yandex.Direct to calculate the conversion rate.


The app needs to be launched within 24 hours after installation in order for it to be factored into the conversion rate. It's not enough to just install the app.

Yandex.Direct supports the following tracking systems: AppMetrica, MobileAppTracking, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, Flurry.

How to set up a tracking link

To ensure that tracking links work properly:

  1. Tracking links should be created using one of the systems supported by Yandex.Direct.

  2. Tracking links should lead to the app page in the app store. When creating a tracking link in the tracking system, the same link as the link in the Link to app in store field must be used (including link parameters specifying the country and other details).

  3. Tracking system SDKs should be written using the mobile app code. SDK is a software module that sends data about installations and launches to the tracking system.

  4. A Yandex.Direct partner should be selected in the tracking system. In the Adjust tracking system, it is not necessary to select a partner.

How do I create a tracking link?

The tabs below provide information on how to create tracking links within the tracking systems supported by Yandex.Direct.

To create a tracking link in AppMetrica:

  1. Go to the Trackers tab.

  2. Choose the app in the Apps drop-down list. The SDK should already be written using the app code. More information on how to add an SDK.

  3. Choose Yandex.Direct in the Partners drop-down list.

  4. Click .

  5. Insert the tracking link you receive into the ad.

Prescribed url format:{LOGID}

The link must include the click_id={LOGID} parameter.

You can transfer various parameters and tags (including UTM tags) in the links. These allow you to monitor various statistics, such as traffic sources:{LOGID}&source={source}

For more details, please refer to thehow to use parameters and tags section.