About Yandex.Direct

Yandex.Direct is a one-stop platform for posting contextual and display advertising that allows you to build a sales funnel and solve marketing tasks at all levels.

You can set up effective communication scenarios with consumers in Yandex.Direct. For example:

  • You launch a brand awareness campaign to improve brand recognition.
  • You target your product ads to people who saw your display banner or video, and users click through to your site.
  • You display smart banners to people who viewed products on your website: users come back to your site to make purchases.

Tools for businesses

  • Create an ad campaign in minimum time using the Campaign Wizard. Based on data from your site or mobile app, the Wizard will help you set up your campaign and provide ad design options.
  • Use Text & Image ads to respond to existing demand. Add images to make your ads more noticeable.
  • Set up Yandex.Metrica to track user actions on your site and analyze how effective your ads are.
  • Create retargeting conditions based on the Yandex.Metrica data in order to follow up with ads (for instance, show ads to people who added items to their shopping cart but never checked out).
  • Upload data from your CRM system to Yandex.Audience to advertise special offers to your customers.
  • Use a Yandex.Audience segment and bid adjustments to display ads exclusively to your clients and attract new clients to your business.
  • Create a Yandex.Audience segment based on location data to serve ads to users who live, work, or are located near you now.
  • Create a display campaign targeting your own audience segments to drive demand.

Advertising formats


Choose a background video from the library, upload your own video, or create a video automatically


Universal format with the option to add a video, image, vCard, and many other elements


Upload your image or create all possible sizes at once in Ad Builder.