Behavioral targeting: matching ads to user interests

Yandex.Direct uses ad impression technology, known as behavioral targeting, that takes the interests of users into account when displaying ads. Behavioral targeting technology helps advertisers meet the needs of the target audience even more accurately, as users will only see offers that match their personal interests.

User preferences are determined using search queries made on Yandex and the sites participating in the Yandex Advertising Network. After this information has been analyzed, ads will then be displayed in the ad networks (YAN and external ad networks). The type of ad that is displayed depends on the interests of the user: any change in the preferences of a user means a change in the ad promotion. Furthermore, the site on which the ad is displayed may not necessarily match the content of the ad.

The advantage of behavioral targeting is that it defines the advertiser's target audience, even on sites where it is not possible simply to use the content of pages viewed. Combining behavioral and contextual targeting can substantially increase target audience coverage, and consequently the number of targeted conversions to your site.

All data about user interests gathered by Yandex.Direct is protected by the Confidentiality Agreement. Yandex will never take queries of a personal nature (for example, medicines, dating, etc.) into account when displaying ads. Every Yandex user can choose whether or not they would like this type of advertising.