Retargeting to events from an app

Retargeting to events from a mobile app is a way to show smart banners to users that interact with your mobile app. For example, part of your audience visits an online store only from a smartphone and views more products in the app rather than on the site. Use app events to target smart banners to such users.

To capture events from your app, you'll need to support integration with mobile measurement SDKs (we support the most popular ones: AppMetrica, Adjust, and AppsFlyer). Set up event tracking: product viewed, product added to cart, product removed from cart, or purchase. Make sure that events from your app are transmitted to Yandex.Direct.

In the feed, instead of links to your site, it's better to use tracking links based on Apple Universal Links or Android App Links.

  1. Requirements for app events
  2. Data format and transmitting events

Requirements for app events

Make sure that the following events and their parameters are configured in your mobile app. You don't have to transmit all these events. However, for maximum efficiency of smart banners, you can use all of them:

Event/Parameter Product ID Revenue Currency
Product viewed required optional optional
Adding to the shopping cart required optional optional
Product removed from cart required optional optional
Purchase required optional optional

Product IDs in the app must exactly match the product IDs in the feed. It's better to use the same product IDs on the site and in the app: this way you can use the same retargeting feed for your site and app.

Data format and transmitting events

Data format

E-commerce event markup. Available as of versions 3.16.1 on Android and 3.12.0 on iOS. Learn more in the AppMetrica documentation.

The above events and parameters are enough for smart banners to work, other settings are optional and used in the Ecommerce report

Transmitting events

In the general app settings, in the Metrika tag binding field, specify the Yandex.Metrica tag for the site.