Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges

The Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) is a platform for serving ads on Yandex services and partner sites. YAN provides Yandex Direct advertisers with access to an audience of more than 50,000 sites, including websites, mobile apps and Smart TV apps. YAN partners receive income from serving ads and advertisers get a flow of traffic and customers.

In addition to the Yandex Advertising Network, your Yandex Direct ads may also be served on content sites from partner ad exchanges, such as Smaato.

Advantages of advertising in ad networks

High-quality and high-traffic resources

Yandex carefully checks each site where Yandex Direct ads may be served. Yandex does not allow sites to join the Yandex Advertising Network if they publish objectionable content or were created solely to make money through ad placement. Each site must pass a multi-step moderation process and is subject to quality monitoring.

New audience and huge reach

The average daily audience of YAN sites is more than 65 million users, of which more than 50% don't overlap with Yandex search users.

Variety of formats

Both contextual and display ads are placed on YAN sites. There is a separate set of formats for impressions on mobile sites and in mobile apps and video ads on Yandex Video Network sites.

Precise targeting

Fine-tuning of impression criteria helps find the right audience for each advertiser. Machine learning technologies select ads that are interesting to individual users.

Budget protection

Automatic verification of the traffic quality and ad viewability, along with protection against false clicks and fraudulent impressions: Yandex experts continuously track fraud and improve advertiser security. Automatic bid adjustments allow you to save money by lowering your bid if the conversion rate is low.

What you need to know about impressions in ad networks

Sites are selected based on content or behavioral targeting, i.e., the content of your ad corresponds to the content of the page that the website or app user is browsing, or matches their interests and online behavior.

Advertisers can't choose sites for ad impressions on their own, but they can exclude unwanted sites in the campaign settings. We do not recommend excluding any sites because you risk losing your target audience. Automatic quality control for clicks and conversions prevents overspending on low-quality traffic.

The choice of format for impressions in a particular ad placement location is made by a partner, but the advertiser can evaluate the appearance of their ads using the preview in the interface. To prepare creatives for image ads, you can use the built-in Ad Builder.

The cost per click in ad networks depends on the quality of site audience, the competitive environment, and the current number of relevant content sites.

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