Budget forecasting

To determine the approximate cost of your ad campaign, use the Budget Forecast tool. This tool enables you to calculate your monthly ad budget based on the keywords and display regions you selected. It also lets you figure out the approximate click price for your ads.

To figure out your budget, please click Budget Forecast on the top of the page. You must sign in to use the forecast tool: please register or enter your existing Yandex username and password.

Step 1. Select display regions

Only include regions where you want your ads to be seen. For example, do not include regions where you do not deliver your products. To save money, you can limit your regions to one city (i.e. the one where your company is located).

If you operate in several cities, for example in Instanbul and Ankara, you can create a separate ad for each city. It does not cost more to create additional ads on Yandex.Direct since you only pay for click-throughs (rather than for ad placements). Learn more about choosing regions.

Step 2. Select forecast parameters

Choose the relevant period. For example, you might want a forecast for the upcoming week, the next 30 days, the month of December, or the 4th quarter.

If necessary, you can change the currency of the report, or get a forecast specifically for mobile ads.

Step 3. Specify your keywords

Keywords should correspond to the subject matter of your ad. Try to imagine what kind of search terms a user who is looking for your product/service would use.

Be sure that your wordings are exact and specific. Take the following phrases by way of example: repairsTV repairsToshiba TV repairs. The last option will perform the best because it most closely matches the user’s (your potential client’s) interests. More recommendations for selecting keywords.

Step 4. Click the “Calculate” button

Step 5. Update your keywords

If you edit, delete or add keywords, your forecast will be recalculated. If a keyword in your forecast is highlighted in grey and is accompanied by an icon, this is a warning that your keyword may not be very effective. It's best to replace this keyword right away.

What kind of data is included in the budget forecast?

Yandex.Direct calculates the following indicators for each keyword:

  • Average CPC forecasts — the average bid necessary for your ads to appear in the selected display position. The bid varies for different keywords, as it depends on the specific ad's indicators as well as the level of competition with other advertisers.

  • Click price — the average actual cost of a click-through from the ad display for that keyword. Learn more about how click price is calculated...

  • The CTR forecast is the average clickability of ads displayed for the particular keyword. CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks on the ad to the number of its impressions. CTR denotes an ad's performance.

  • Impression and click forecasts — the expected number of impressions and clicks for that specific keyword in the selected period.

  • Budget forecast — your potential expenses for this keyword.

Ad placement in the search results

To move your ads to higher positions in the search results, you should set a higher bid. The forecast is calculated for the following display positions:

  • 1st line premium placement is the first position above the search results.

  • 2nd line premium placement is the second position above the search results.

  • Premium placement is the block above the search results.

  • The 1st position is the top position in the guaranteed impressions block (beneath the search results on the first page).

  • Guaranteed impressions is the ads block located beneath the search results on the first page.

More information about display positions.

Why does the data on the campaign page differ from the forecast?

The budget forecast calculates the average indicators for all selected keywords in selected display regions, whereas the campaign page shows the indicators for a specific ad group at that moment for the most expensive region.

Why do my actual expenditures differ from the forecast?

The budget forecast relies on statistics of all ads displayed for those specific keywords during the last 28 days. However, the number of competing ads, their bids, and quality coefficients may change in the course of any new advertising campaigns.

Your ads' CTR depends on the appeal of your ad's title and text, as well as on how well they match the user query. Different ads' CTR for the same keyword may vary significantly. The higher an ad’s CTR, the more clicks generated by it, and the lower the price for guaranteed placement and premium placement.