Creative Ad Builder for video extensions

The Creative Ad Builder helps you create interesting video extensions based on prepared templates. You can create an unlimited number of ad creative for free.

You don't need any special skills or experience to create them. It will only take you a few minutes to get a video extension without the help of a professional designer. Your ad's title, text, and link will be used in your video extension.

How to make ad creative  in the Ad Builder

When adding or editing video extensions, in the Video section, click Edit → Build from template. Choose one of the template options in the Creative Ad Builder window that opens. The window for creating sets of components will appear.

On the right side of the window, select the background video clip and audio from the library. If you want to use your own video clip, download it from your computer or link to it. The audio will be added automatically from the video clip you download.

Requirements for video clips
File layout MP4, WebM, MOV, QT, FLV, AVI
File size not bigger than 50 MB
Length 15 sec
Aspect ratio 16:9
Minimum resolution 640x240 pixels
Video frame rate between 20 and 30 frames/sec
Video codecs H.264, VP6F, VP8, Theora
Number of video streams 1
Minimum quality 44 kHz, 16 Kbit/s, stereo
Audio codecs AAC, MP3, Vorbis
Number of audio tracks no more than 1

It takes a few minutes to process a video clip; you can set other parameters for the ad creative while you wait.

Enter the text and button colors. Enter the appropriate information in the Age rating, Warning, and Legal information blocks. Please note that all information required by law and the Yandex Ad Serving Rules.

All changes to settings are visible immediately in the preview area.

When you have finished working on your ad creative, click Create. That creative will be added to the ad. You can add only one creative to the ad.

Adding ad creative from a library

You can use the components you created in other ads. To do this, go to the Video section, click Add → Select from previous additions, then select the appropriate ad creative.