Daily budget

You can set a daily budget limit for campaigns with manual bid management. Open the My campaigns page, choose the desired campaign and click the button in the Budget restrictions section.

Specify the maximum amount you are prepared to spend on advertising per day and select the ad display strategy:

  • Standard mode (default) — ads will continue to display until the daily budget is spent.

  • Dispersed budget mode — the budget will be spread across the entire day or the period you entered in the time targeting settings.

    If the daily budget is not enough for continuous impressions, the ads will be periodically suspended (the interface will display a notification below the ad that impressions are suspended).

    If you use high-frequency keywords with a small daily budget, Yandex.Direct does not guarantee an even distribution of impressions throughout the day. Your available budget can be spent at the beginning of the impression period, and no funds will be left for the rest of the day.

You can change the daily budget amount no more than three times per day. Minimum daily budget — 17 TL.

Your budget may be exceeded on the day you increase or decrease your daily budget while the campaign is running. Yandex.Direct cannot allocate funds for the whole day, even if a distributed display mode was selected. From the next day the daily budget is guaranteed to be sustained.