Turbo sites

A Turbo site is a site that loads faster than normal sites and is adapted for mobile devices. It can consist of one or more pages. On a Turbo site, the user can learn more about the advertised offer, submit a request, order a product or service. You can create a site for any tasks, e.g., to present your works portfolio, sell your products online with a shopping cart, or collect requests. You can use sample pages with preset structures for different types of business.

Changes to Turbo sites

I don't have published Turbo pages

If you don't have any published Turbo pages in your dashboard, you can't create one in Turbo Page Builder. Instead, you can create a site using the Campaign Wizard.

A landing page is automatically generated in Yandex Business based on your business profile. You can edit its address, content, and appearance.

I have previously published Turbo pages

You can create Turbo sites as a supplement to your main website. When ads are served on mobile devices, the website link, sitelink, or vCard will lead to a Turbo site. When ads are served on a computer or tablet, the link will lead to your main site.

Benefits of Turbo sites:
  • They adapt to every device type.
  • They open fast on all platforms so you can improve your conversion rate.
  • They are indexed by search engines and may result in additional traffic if they match what users are searching for.
  • They do not require any special knowledge or experience: create and publish a site in Turbo Page Builder instantly, without involving developers, testers, or designers.

The page URL on all platforms remains unchanged.

Have questions?

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