How to add a Turbo page

When creating or editing ad groups, you can add a Turbo page to the link to your site, sitelink, or vCard, or use only a Turbo page. This determines the ad destination on different devices.

Select which devices you want to use the Turbo page on:
  • Only on mobile devices: enter the link to your main website under Landing page in the On desktops and tablets section. In the On mobile devices section, select Turbo page. In this case, ads served on a desktop or tablet lead to your main site, while ads served on smartphones lead to your Turbo page.
  • On all devices: select Turbo page in both sections under Landing page.

In the Contacts in ad section, click Turbo page → Add. This opens the Turbo page library. Click Create → Turbo page to go to the builder, or select a Turbo page that was previously added.

Learn more about how to create a Turbo page in the builder.

Group campaign management

You can add, replace, or remove Turbo pages from multiple ads at once using the bulk edit feature. Select the ads you need to edit in the ads page and select Edit from the list of actions. In the page that opens, click Mass changes → Turbo pages, select an action and click Apply.