Title and text

A compelling title and text will help you attract users and improve the CTR of your ads. The title should let users know that they have found exactly what they were looking for. Describe your product or service in detail so that users want to choose your offer over others. Remember that a title and text must meet the moderation requirements.

Use our ad creation recommendations to put together effective titles and texts.

Write about your product's advantages

Tell the user why they should choose your offer over others. Point out specific advantages: discounts, offers, delivery options, guarantees, etc. The cost of the product or service will determine the price segment and exclude non-target clicks. Your company name will draw attention if your brand is famous. It's important to provide accurate information in your ads that can be confirmed on your site. Users will leave your site if they can't find what they're looking for immediately.

Add a call to action

Try to encourage the user to take action. Your call should be simple and not obligate the user to do anything. Complicated calls to action that require the user to expend a lot of effort will not prove effective. You can use exclamation points, but only sparingly. For example:

Use keywords

Add keywords to your ad's title and text. The keywords and their synonyms will be shown in bold in ads. This will help you attract the attention of users and get a better response to your ads. Keywords are in bold on both Yandex search and the ad networks.

Extend your title

Our data shows that users usually click on ads with long titles. The CTR of ads with the second title increases by 5% on desktops and 10% on mobile devices. To give users more information about your offer, include an additional title. The additional title is not always displayed, so make sure that the ad does not lose meaning and coherence without it.

Experiment with ads — you can only figure out which ads work better if you try them out.