A promo is an ad extension that includes a brief description of the promo and a distinct label or background. Promos are added to ads in search results if they get the first premium placement. In YAN, the serving of extensions with ads is governed by the Smart Design algorithm. When clicking the promo, the user may be forwarded to a website or app page that is different from the page linked in the ad.

You can add promos when creating or editing “Text & Image ads”, “Unified performance”, and “Dynamic ads” campaigns. While only one promo can be added to a single campaign, you have the option to set up a separate promo for each of its ad groups.

  1. Benefits
  2. How to create a promo
  3. Editing and moderating promos
  4. Promos for ad groups
  5. Bulk editing of promos in campaigns and ad groups
  6. Statistics


A promo helps you expand your ad message, attract users by a vivid label, and add another link to your ad. According to our research, ads with promos demonstrate a 30% higher CTR. This contributes to the overall growth in conversions and decreases your CPA.

For example, if you set up promos at the group or campaign level and launch product ads in a unified performance campaign, information about discounts, bonuses, and gifts for purchases may appear in single-product banners and a mosaic. This info draws attention to ads, increases their CTR, and encourages users to make purchases.

How to create a promo

In the campaign settings under Promo, click +Add promo. In the Promo window, fill out the fields:

  • Promo type: Select a relevant option, for example, “Discount”, “Gift”, “Cashback”, or “Installment 0%”.
  • Edit the discount, benefit, or cashback:
    • Prefix.
    • Amount: Specify an integer between 1 and 100 (for percentage) or 1,000,000 (for currency). Required field.
    • Unit: Select “%” or a currency.
  • Description of the promo: Specify products or services that the promo applies to. Between 3 and 45 characters, including the text from the Promo type section. Required field.
  • Promo dates: Pick dates from the calendar or type them in the format DD.MM.YYYY. Both fields are optional. Cases:

    • Both dates are entered: the promo is shown in ads only between the dates. The promo is removed from the ads the day after.
    • The end date is entered: this date is used in the promo text as its deadline. The promo is removed from the ads the day after the specified date.
    • Both fields are empty: The promo is always shown in ads.

The final text of the promo is generated based on the promo type, discount, description text, and the end date. The promo text will be in the language selected in the Language field. Only Russian is currently supported. Double check the promo text.

Add a link to the promo page if needed: it must belong to the same domain as the main link in the ad, except for links to your pages on social media or Yandex Market. In the link, you can use UTM tags with dynamic parameters. In this case, you can add one promo to multiple campaigns. If you omit the link, the page linked in the ad is shown.

Promos are stored in a separate library. To view or edit them, click Library → Promos. You can create a maximum of 1000 promos. You can only delete promos that are not used in campaigns from the library.

Editing and moderating promos

Both your promo text and link are moderated. As soon as they pass moderation, the promo is added to every matching ad in your campaign.

If you edit your promo text or link, the previous version shows up in your ad before the new text and/or link pass moderation.

Promos for ad groups

You can add a promo to the entire campaign or to individual ad groups. When creating or editing an ad group:

  1. Under Promo, select Set a promo for this ad group.
  2. Select a promo from the library or create a new one.

By default, Inherit promo from the campaign is enabled for all ad groups in the campaign.

If you want a promo set up for your campaign to be excluded for certain ad groups, update those groups by selecting Disable promo under Promo.

In the promo library, the group count only includes the ad groups where the promo was added explicitly rather than inherited from the campaign.

Bulk editing of promos in campaigns and ad groups

You can replace or unlink promos across multiple campaigns or ad groups using the bulk tool:

  1. Prepare new promo texts. In the menu, select Library → Promos → +Add promo.

    Wait for the texts and links to pass moderation.

  2. On the My Campaigns page, select the desired campaigns and click Actions at the bottom of the page. In the menu, select Promo.
  3. In the window that opens, select:
    • Replace promo: Enter the desired promo, then click Apply. In the selected campaigns, promos will be replaced with the specified promo.
    • Unlink promo: Click Apply. All promos in the selected campaigns will be unlinked.
  4. To replace a promo in ad groups, go to My campaigns, select the campaigns you want to update, and click the Groups tab. Select the ad groups and click Actions at the bottom of the page. In the menu, select Promo. Replace the promo or unlink it from the ad groups.


Impression statistics for ads are available in the Report Wizard. To analyze the number of clicks on the promo, select the cross section Click position → Promo.

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