The phone number of the organization

In the campaign “Text and image ads” you can specify the phone number of the organization from Yandex.Guide's. You can use different numbers for different ads. For example, when telling about a promotion for a product, add the phone number of the consultant, and in the ad for delivery services, specify the number of the desired Department. This will make your ads more targeted and allow you to process the client's request faster.

  1. How to add a phone number

How to add a phone number

You can specify the phone number on the ad creation or editing page in the new direct interface.
Step 1.

Make sure that the ad is linked to the organization of Yandex.Guide's. If you don't already have an organization, you can quickly add it and link it to your ad immediately. To do this, click Add an organization.

Step 2.

Make sure that you have the rights to the organization. Number selection is only available to owners or company representatives-otherwise you will not be able to change the phone.

Learn more about, how to confirm the right to organize.

Step 3.

In block Organization contacts edit the field Phone number in the ad. You can select one of the organization's phones from the drop-down list or add a number manually. At the same time in Yandex.The information in the directory will not change.

The phone number can be shown in ads on search, in networks, and in ads on Yandex.Maps.