Advertising based on navigation query

What an expanded ad looks like

Ads will appear differently on different devices:

According to Yandex.Direct data, ads served in the expanded format increase CTR on average by 35%.

Ads are displayed in the expanded format if:
  • The user's query is a search for your website (i.e. the user specifically searches for you)

  • Your site displays in first position in Yandex's search results for a particular navigation query

  • four sitelinks are added to the ad with descriptions. The addition of a description is not required for impressions on mobile phones and smartphones.

In the expanded format, ads which don't respond to navigation queries are not displayed (including ads of dealers, partners, and competitors).


In some cases, the same query may or may not be a navigation query. Automatic algorithms determine whether a query is navigational based on many factors (display region, time, etc.). For example, let's say that there is only one company called “Awesome Irons” in Ankara, but in Istanbul there are three. So, for users in Ankara, the query awesome irons company will be navigational, but for users in Istanbul it will not be.