Campaign management

Select the campaign type that best suits your goals. Where an ad is displayed and what settings you can configure depend on the campaign type.

The following campaign types are available:

Text & Image Ads

A universal ad campaign for advertising most goods and services.

Where will my ads display?

Ads may display in Yandex search results and in the ad networks.

Create ads
You need to add an ad header and text, as well as a link to the advertised site. You can also add an image, sitelinks and a vCard. If there is a vCard, the website link is optional.

Ads for Mobile Apps

Promote your iOS and Android apps using Yandex.Direct.

Where will my ads display?

These ads can only display on devices that support the app being advertised. Ads may be displayed in Yandex search results and in the ad networks.

Create ads

Specify the link to the app, then add the ad header and text. The icon, price, rating, and specifications will be added automatically. You can also add an image to ads.

More information about Ads for mobile apps.

Media campaigns

Ad campaigns with payment based on impressions (not clicks).

Where will my ads display?

Impressions can be served on the Yandex Advertising Network.

Create ads

Upload creative (you can use HTML 5 banners or graphics files) or put together your own creative using the Ad Builder. Add a Yandex.Audience pixel to group together users who previously saw your media ad. Enter a user profile, which gives you the flexibility to target your ads to users based on key characteristics (interests, gender, age, etc.).

More about media campaigns.