Dates when your ad campaign is running

Start and end dates determine the duration of a campaign. You can enter these dates in your campaign parameters

By default your start day is the current day. If you do not change this date, then the system will start serving your ads as soon as they pass moderation and are paid for. If you change the start date of a campaign in progress to a later date, then ads will be stopped within 60 minutes and will resume at 00:00 Moscow Time on the new start date.

Set the end date for your campaign if you know exactly when it should end (for example, if you are running a promotion or sale). You can pause, resume or delete an ad campaign at any moment up through the end date .

Campaigns launch at 00:00 Moscow time on the start date and ads stop being served at 23:59 Moscow time on the end date (regardless of your selected time zone). Different start and end times for a campaign can be set in the time targeting settings.