Registering agency representatives

You can nominate representatives to help you manage your campaign by granting users (representatives) various levels of access to your account.

There are three access levels per agency:

  • Chief representative, who has access to all the agency's clients and campaigns. The senior representative is the only one who can appoint new representatives, and delete existing representatives.

  • Representative, who also has access to all the agency's clients and campaigns and can view a list of current representatives. Representatives cannot add or remove other representatives.

  • Client representatives run the campaigns they created and those to which the chief representative has granted them access.

Please note: the different access rights refer exclusively to campaigns in Yandex.Direct and do not relate to financial information in Balance. The customer service representative is the username of the agency, therefore they have access to all information about the agency. Therefore, it is totally unacceptable to give the username and the password of the agency representative to customers

Appointing a new representative

The chief representative must follow the Registered representatives link on the My campaigns page and select the Appoint a new representative option.

Please note: Only a new username that has not been been used before on Yandex.Direct and does not have any campaigns associated with it can be used for a new representative.

The new representative will then appear on the Registered representatives page.

Deleting representatives

Representatives can be deleted in the "Registered representatives" page using the link next to the login of the relevant representative. When deleted that particular login will lose all access to the campaigns of that user.

Previously-removed representatives can be seen in the Deleted representatives tab. A former representative can be reinstated if necessary.

You can see a list of all the agency clients to which a client representative has access by clicking on the relevant login on the Registered agency representatives page.

Newly appointed representatives do not have any agency clients. Access to agency clients can be given in one of the two following ways:

  • Client representatives can create and manage new clients. In this instance, access will be given automatically.

  • Chief representatives can appoint client representatives to clients. The chief representative must click the Assign clients to agency representatives link and select the new representative from the list. The chief representative must then tick which clients should be displayed in the list in the Clients field (Unassigned clients and Clients of this representative are selected by default). After this, the chief representative should tick the clients to be served by the new representative. Click Save to apply any changes. To remove a client from a representative, the representative must be selected from the list and the tick removed from the relevant client. The changes must then be saved.

Only one representative can be appointed per client.

Representatives have full access to the campaigns of clients to which they are appointed: they can edit ads, generate invoices, and stop or launch campaigns.

Changing a representative's role

To change the role of a representative (for example, to convert a standard representative into a client representative), you most first remove then restore them and select the relevant role under Access rights.

Changing the chief representative

Any of the user's registered representatives (excluding client representatives) can be appointed chief representative. Follow the Change chief representative link, select the required login from the list of representatives, then click Appoint.