Yandex Direct API

The Yandex Direct API gives you program access to data and allows you to create apps for managing ad campaigns. You can use the API to manage ads just as you do in the Yandex Direct web interface.

The Yandex Direct API is mostly intended for ad agencies and major advertisers, such as shopping sites that run large-scale and complex advertising campaigns. Such advertisers develop their own apps to implement their custom approaches to ad management, develop their own bidding algorithms, and get statistical reports in a timely manner.

The API allows you to integrate Yandex Direct with business applications. For example, you can use a product database to stop or start serving ads depending on whether the product is in stock, or automatically generate keywords by adding them to the names of products. Statistics on impressions, clicks, conversions, and expenditure can be exported into a financial accounting system or to a decision support system.

Learn more about ways to use the API.

Access to the API

You can connect to and use the Yandex Direct API for free.

API requests are made by an app on behalf of Yandex Direct users: advertisers and advertising agencies. Authorization uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol. API requests require an authorization token, allowing an app to access the data of a particular user.

To manage your campaigns via the API, you must accept the Terms of Use on the Yandex Direct API page.

Developers must register their app in the Yandex ID API and submit a request for API access. Read more about accessing the API.

Request format

Requests to the Yandex Direct API are made over the HTTPS protocol using the POST method. The authorization token and other special parameters are passed in HTTP headers. Input and output data structures are passed in the body of a request and response in JSON or SOAP/XML.

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