Expanded negative keywords in Yandex.Direct

Changes are coming to Yandex.Direct that will increase the flexibility of negative keywords. By no longer limiting negative keywords to one word, Yandex.Direct will make it easier for advertisers maximize the relevance of the search queries that trigger their ads to display. Previously, advertisers used negative keywords to prevent ads from appearing in response to search queries containing specific words, but now they will be able to use phrases 2-7 words in length to filter out users not part of their target audience.

To illustrate, let's say that you advertise a low-cost airline using the keyword plane tickets. You could avoid showing ads to customers looking for more expensive tickets by adding the phrase business class to your negative keyword list. This is more effective then using the individual negative keywords business, class as they would exclude search queries likeas they would exclude search queries like plane tickets business trip or plane tickets economy class.

You'll be able to use phrases as negative keywords on the campaign or ad group level in the usual field, separated by a hyphen -VIP -business class -first class -luxury or by a comma VIP, business class, first class, luxury. Direct Commander and the Yandex.Direct API will support these expanded negative keywords, regardless of their length.

Note. These new settings will not affect your current negative keywords. Please be aware, however, that the placement of hyphens or commas will impact the way negative keywords work. Previously, hyphens were automatically added before each word in the negative keyword list. Now, when launching a new campaign, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to enter hyphens or commas so that Yandex.Direct understands how to interpret the list entered. In other words, the phrase VIP business class first class luxury will function as one single negative keyword, and will only prevent impressions if every one of these words is present. The phrase -VIP –business class –first class –luxury contains four keywords, and if any of them is present in a search query, this ad will not appear.

You can apply any of the Yandex.Direct operators – " " (inverted commas), [ ] (square brackets), + (plus sign), and ! (exclamation mark) – to construct broad, phrase, and exact match negative keywords, increase their accuracy, and prevent your reach from being overly constricted. They help increase the accuracy of your negative keyphrases and prevent your reach from being overly constricted.

You can find out more about negative keyphrases in the help.