Copying campaigns and ad groups right in the interface

Campaigns and ad groups can now be saved and replicated right in the Yandex.Direct interface. By copying your campaign, all keywords, negative keywords, ad texts, settings, bids, and vCard information are retained. New CTR and other statistics will be calculated once the ads are launched.

You'll be able to find copied ads and campaigns in the original campaign or account. Copied campaigns are automatically set to "stopped," so you have time to check them before going live. If you replicate an entire campaign without making changes, it won't need to pass moderation a second time. Copies of ad groups (with changes made) are automatically sent for moderation, and can also be saved as approved drafts.

Yandex introduced this feature to save advertisers time and energy. Let's say you want to publicize a special promotion. Instead of reentering your campaign settings and keyword list, you can copy them from the original campaign and only change the elements related to the promotion (for example, the ad texts and landing pages). You can also split keyword lists into smaller specialized groups and link them to more specific landing pages. In addition, this feature is extremely useful for advertisers launching similar campaigns in multiple regions.

Please take a look at the help section for more information about copying ad groups and campaigns.