Large images in Yandex.Direct ads: stage two

Yandex.Direct will update to using bigger images in just a few days. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions

Back in February, Yandex.Direct gave all advertisers the option to upload images in larger sizes. In the next few days, Yandex.Direct plans to complete the transition to using large images. This means that you will only be able to add images in the new sizes to your ads.

What are the new image requirements?

Currently, your image dimensions can be from 150 to 5000 pixels on each side.

In several days, image dimensions will be from 450 to 5000 pixels on each side.

What will happen to images uploaded before these changes that do not meet the current requirements?

If you still have smaller images in some campaigns, they can still be served in ads on sites, but they will not be available for use in new ads. Therefore it's recommended that you start using the new larger image sizes.

What's the point of changing the requirements?

The more visually attractive your ad is, the greater the impact it can have. Adding large images to Yandex.Direct can increase their quality when they appear on high DPI screens — for example, Retina. Using larger images can prevent images from appearing blurred, which often happens with smaller images.

In addition, Yandex is always experimenting with new ad formats, and having larger images in your campaigns can open up future possibilities for new advertising solutions.

Further information about working with images in Yandex.Direct can be found in the help section.